Welcome to Covington Music Studio!  My name is Katy Covington and I am so glad you are here. Please read below for specific information about studying voice with me. If you are interested, the best way to contact me is by registering on this site. I will receive notification right away and get in touch with you immediately regarding your first consultation/lesson.


I am a registered Substitute Teacher
through EDUStaff.  Please find me under
Kathryn Covington in the AESOP System

I am certified JX and am very comfortable
leading all rehearsals, conducting any and
all ensembles, running sectionals, etc. 
Resume available

Currently I am registered to teach in
P-CCS,Livonia Public Schools,
Farmington Public
Schools, and
Northville Public Schools

Want to take a sick day but can't sacrifice
rehearsal time? 
Request Kathryn Covington
on AESOP and rest easy.


I teach students of all ages and ability.  Pre-adolescent students will benefit from 30 minute lessons with a goal of over-all musicianship.  If you have a passion for singing, a willingness to learn, and the discipline to practice, I would love to welcome you into our studio.



Covington Music Studio offers each prospective student an introductory lesson at a reduced rate.  This allows us the chance to meet, work together, and decide if our studio is the best fit for you.  Click on the Registration tab to get started.

Currently, I teach in my home studio in Plymouth, MI.   You may also take your lessons via Skype.  Fee schedule for all lessons is $60/60 minute lesson and $30/30 minute lesson.  For most students, 60 minute lessons are appropriate.  Younger students may benefit from a 30 minute lesson and we can discuss that together. 

‚ÄčA first lesson, or introductory lesson, is half price.  If you would like to try out Covington Music Studio, please register for your first lesson at a one-time rate of $15/30 minute lesson or $30/60 minute lesson. 

Register for your Covington Music Studio introductory lesson here!

Basic Materials for Lessons

  1. A book of staff paper to write out your vocal exercises
  2. A piano or keyboard available for personal practice. If you do not already own one, I will advise you about the purchase of an appropriate student instrument.
  3. A recording device to record your lessons. This can be a small digital recorder, cassette recorder, or smartphone.
  4. Books of vocal music.  Always bring what you have to your first lesson. I will recommend books for future purchase after your first lesson.
  5. YOU - in good health!  Your body is your instrument.  Protect your vocal chords from damage by establishing healthy habits: get enough sleep, drink plenty of water,  and please stay home if you are ill.


Studio Policies

Practice, practice, practice!

Always have confidence, curiosity, willingness to try new ideas, and patience with yourself to allow new techniques to take effect.

Daily practice sessions are of the utmost importance. Always sing through your full sequence of warm-ups that you learn in your lesson before beginning your repertoire.  Your warm-ups are tailored to your voice and your needs, and are meant to help build the vocal muscle and technique.  Middle School students should strive for 15-30 minutes of practice per day.  Always sing through your warm-up sequence before beginning your repertoire.  High School age and adults should practice 45-60 minutes per day, always spending at least 15 minutes warming up your voice.  If you find that you don't have time to practice the full amount on one or more days of the week, make every effort to do 15 minutes of warm-ups on those days. As a vocalist, you build and maintain your own instrument.  Daily practice solidifies muscle memory and keeps your vocal chords flexible and strong!



Students will establish an ongoing lesson time that is mutually convenient. Please notify me of scheduling conflicts with your regularly scheduled lesson one month in advance, or as soon as possible.


I expect you to come to your lessons prepared and on time. When you arrive late you forfeit that portion of your lesson time as I do not extend lessons. If you are going to be late, I would appreciate a call or text (preferred). Plan ahead and save my cell phone number in your phone: (248) 515-6398.


Lesson cancellations must be given 24-hours in advance except in case of emergencies.  An emergency constitutes medical or property damage situations that must be immediately attended to. Cancelled lessons that fit within my guidelines will be credited toward the next month’s balance. Ineligible cancelled lessons are forfeit.


I am a professional musician and on occasion my availability is limited due to my performance schedule. Canceled lessons due to instructor unavailability, emergency, or illness will be rescheduled or credited toward the next month’s balance.



Payment is due on the first lesson of the month. I will send out a monthly invoice prior to the first lesson of the month.  For this reason, it is important that you notify me of scheduling conflicts one month in advance, as outlined above.

Schedule your introductory lesson today by clicking on the Registration tab at the top of this page.  Fill out your basic information and I will receive a notification immediately.  I will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your first lesson.


I look forward to making music with you.  Sing, sing, sing!